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The Managing Partners Forum is in its seventeenth year and has established itself as the foremost event for legal leaders in strategy, leadership and technology, throughout the Asian Pacific region.


It is Chilli IQ’s consistent determination of seventeen years of excellence in producing events for law firm leaders and partners that the legal industry can trust the quality of each event created. Guided by the astute input of the advisory panel, speakers and topics are selected for their relevance in enhancing the role of the legal leader and preparing them for better future planning


Leading in the new VUCA world:

Adapting to Fast-Paced technological Change

The rapid advancement of technology will bring about significant changes in the roles of people in the workplace, particularly in the legal sector. As we move towards a more automated and distributed world, it is crucial to plan for the future of the modern law firm. The integration of bots and AI into the workflow means that we will be working more closely with technology than ever before. It also highlights the importance of managing people who will be using these technologies and whose lives and role will be significantly impacted by them.


Clearly, the future of legal services will not be entirely digital, we will see a fusion of biological and digital resources, where lawyers and technology work together as a ‘centaur’ to provide outstanding legal services.


As we move towards this new paradigm, it is crucial to ensure that the human element is not lost. While technology can be a significant asset in the legal field, it is ultimately humans who will be responsible for delivering exceptional services to clients. Therefore, it is essential to strike a balance between the power of technology and the expertise of legal professionals. By leading people and their digital enhancements, law firms can ensure their continued success in an ever-changing world.


The Managing Partners Forum will discuss these new themes and also integrate essential topics like diversity, ESG, clients and other leading areas.


The event is celebrating its seventeenth year and has grown into a premier event for legal leaders. This year, it's returning to Byron Bay, where the inaugural event was held and we are excited to be back!​

Technology, AI and the future of work

This session will explore what will the modern law firm look like in a few years when the workforce is even further distributed, and we are working more closely with bots and AI. Areas discussed include:

• The future role and value of 'natural intelligence' (NI): in an increasingly artificial world is very topical and relevant for all law firm leaders. This session will look at the realistic opportunities and how to prepare for the integration and implementation of AI in the workspace.

• People and AI : A lot of the focus on the tech and AI has been on the product and how to use it – it is also important to know how to manage the people who have to use it and have their lives changed by it.


Communications : internal and external:

a roundtable discussion 

This session will discuss various aspects of communications, including crisis management, social media, and preparing for a senate inquiry.  One area of relevance for managing partners is the increasing pressure on law firms and leaders to take a firm stance on social and political issues. This pressure comes from both internal sources, such as staff, as well as from the media and industry organizations. This roundtable discussion will be a constructive conversation about these issues and others.


Wellness & avoiding burnout for lawyers


Changing Regulatory Landscape in Australia

Topics to be discussed includes:

  • ESG; mandatory climate change reporting; AML; Modern Slavery

Current LOCAL & international trends: implications for future of legal services


Building your Firm’s brand

The importance of Client Experience: this session, we will explore the significance of customer experience, the difficulty of acquiring precise and prompt customer feedback, and setting up effective processes to act and make change. It will also discuss other areas of building your law firms brand.


ESG and Supply Chain Management

• In the realm of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), the "S" factor holds great significance, a key area is how do you manage psycho-social risks?

• It's important to examine the risks associated with managing global supply chains, particularly the potential for lawsuits. To mitigate these risks, it's essential to understand what's expected and what's coming in climate change reporting in Australia.

• Additionally, measuring and mitigating climate impacts will inevitably impact law firms and other related industries.


Leading a permanent hybrid workforce

• Adjusting processes, systems and expectations. Investing in solutions not problems. Educating, collaborating, creating


Diversity and Inclusion

Looking forward towards the future: facing the brace new world





Genevieve Collins

Chief Executive Partner


Alison Deitz.png

Alison Deitz

Chief Executive Partner



Emma Covacevich

Chief Executive Partner


amber matthews.jpeg

Amber Matthews

Country Managing Partner



Mark Pistilli

Managing Partner


jason opperman_edited.png

Jason Opperman

Managing Partner

K&L Gates

Speakers & Panelists

The following speakers have been invited for their expertise and knowledge on the chosen topics

Our Partners

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Silver Partners 

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Bronze Partners 

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Supporting Organisation

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Crystalbrook Byron

77-97 Broken Head Road

Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia

Nestled in 45-acres of magical subtropical rainforest, Crystalbrook Byron is a celebration of nature, responsible luxury accommodation and the local environment -  please note accommodation at this venue is no longer available as it is full 

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