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Wednesday 15th May 2024

The Opera Room

Level 6, 

19 Harris St

Pyrmont NSW 2009

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"In December 2023 - The amended Work Health and Safety Regulations prescribe how duty holders must identify and manage hazards and risks to workers' psychological health and safety. Organisations need to consider and review approaches to managing psychosocial risks and fostering mentally healthy workplaces".

The event is designed to offer the following crucial strategies :

Many organisations deliver mental health strategies that lack sufficient practical tools, or focus excessively on individual-level strategies and neglect organisation-wide and systemic approaches. What’s more, current leadership practices can inadvertently heighten psychosocial risks, failing to promote a thriving workplace. This approach also risks noncompliance with psychosocial risk legislation, highlighting the need for a comprehensive mental health framework

 This module takes your leaders from: 

  • Delivering programs that tick boxes but often don’t produce lasting effects to delivering programs that really move the needle on mental health and wellbeing

  • Relying solely on individual-level wellbeing approaches to embedding effective mental health strategies and language throughout the organisation.

  • Using leadership practices and policies that exacerbate psychosocial risk to embedding new practices and policies that instead foster organisational thriving

Innovative Well-being Strategies:

Move beyond compliance to implement impactful well-being strategies that address the unique pressures of high stress and work-life balance, significantly influenced by the pandemic and remote work.

Legislative Insight and Compliance:

Gain an in-depth understanding of the new psychosocial risk legislation and its implications for the legal industry, including strategies for compliance to avoid legal and financial penalties.

Real-World Success Stories:

Learn from the profitability boost experienced by companies that introduce effective psychosocial wellbeing programs, and understand the lessons from non-compliance incidents, providing practical insights for your organizational strategy.

Effective Risk Assessment Tools:

Explore effective survey tools for identifying psychosocial hazards, enabling you to evaluate and mitigate potential risks effectively.

Dual Approach to Intervention:

Understand and apply primary, secondary, and tertiary intervention strategies, along with policy-level approaches, for a holistic reduction in psychosocial risk.

Tailored Action Plans:

Develop customized action plans for your organization, incorporating assessment, intervention, and implementation strategies to foster a supportive and healthy work environment.

Engagement and Accountability:

Utilize commitment cards to make personal commitments to well-being, encouraging ongoing engagement and accountability within your team.

Comprehensive Resource Access:

Receive a resource packet with summaries, toolkits, and further reading recommendations for a deep dive into psychosocial risk management and well-being strategy implementation.


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This event has been exclusively produced to address the function and capacity of the following positions from across all industries legal and technology function:

  • Leaders: Human Resources & People Development, Mental Health Ambassadors

  • Legal counsel

  • OH & S Officers

  • CEOs,& CFOs

  • Head of Risk, Litigation

  • All those who have a role and interest in the development and wellbeing of their staff


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Clinical Psychologist

Mindful Leadership Expert

Keynote Speaker



An APS award-winning clinical psychologist and global authority on mindful leadership and mindful education, Dr Richard Chambers is a popular speaker amongst companies and organisations of all sizes at their conferences, events and off-sites.


Through his highly engaging keynotes and workshops, Richard informs and challenges his audiences to make simple, practical changes in their lives to boost their wellbeing, performance and leadership. With a science-backed approach, his keynotes always provide simple, practical tools that can be immediately implemented in any context


From startups to Fortune 500s, audiences consistently rank Richard’s keynotes as the highlight of their events.

A TEDx speaker, Richard has also featured in ABC TVs Catalyst program. He is regularly interviewed in mainstream print, radio and podcast media and has published over 50 research articles in leading journals around the world.


The author of 3 books, Richard has been practising and teaching mindfulness for over 25 years. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Centre for Contemplative & Consciousness Studies at Monash University, and for the past 12 years has led a world-first initiative to embed mindfulness in the core curriculum for students.

Richard helped create the Smiling Mind app, with over 8 million downloads and created the #1 and #2 free online mindfulness courses, according to Class Central, as well as other award-winning online courses.

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